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Is this on TV right now or just on the Grammy web site?


I wanted to hear fron Bonnie Raitt but they took Foo Fighters.


walliebaby:It's due out June 18th (some guy named Paul's birthday, I hear)!

New song from Paul! The Fireman back in the saddle for one more song, at least!


It sounds pretty good.

You can now listen to the whole song at



well, I also got tickets. I didn't think I will win though.


The show starts at 730PM(PT)


It was good. Loved new songs. I'm guessing that he is going to do the same set for Monday or plus few more songs. I wish he could sing "Band on the run" instead of "Let Me Roll It" or MMT.


It was awesone! He didn't play Let Me roll it!


I just got home. I stood 7 hrs and my feet were killing me.

Anyway, I still can't believe that I saw Sir Paul for free again! (I was also at Amoeba few yrs ago) it was awesome. Paul McCartney on Hollywood Bl? Oh Yeah!

All three new songs, Another Day, Junior's farm, Band on the run, Let It Be were highlight of the night to me. Unlike his live CDs, His vocal was really strong and performance was just great. My seat was way way back from the stage but there's a pretty good TV screen so, it wasn't bad at all. Love the new stage set, the show was only one hr but we got sound check while waiting for line.

I'll watch JKL in hr!


a couple of photos from the after the show -


You have to wait until the end and then they start streaming from the beginning.

Nancy R:

5th-beatle:Was the complete concert broadcast either on some TV channel or website? It is available now on youtube or elsewhere?

The complete concert was broadcast on MySpace immediately following the TV show last night. Looks like the stream is still there for viewing on demand:


altho it looks like it starts in the middle of the concert, not quite sure how to get it to play from the beginning... ops:

Mine started at Band On The Run, then started back from the beginning and went until Junior's Farm, then stopped and started over again! Plus it keeps hanging up and then continuing!