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Wonder if Philadelphia is a possibility for July 15 or 16.

Since Paul is doing Baseball Stadium shows in Boston (Fenway) and Washington DC (National's Park) before the above dates, I have my hopes up. The Phillies Park (Citizen's Bank) is unoccupied on July 15 and 16 because of the All-Star Game so it seems to be available. Citizen's Bank is a beautiful outdoor stadium (holds about 45,000 for baseball) and Paul has never played there. Bruce Springsteen played here last Summer so the Bank has held Concerts in the past for the big acts. I believe Roger Waters played there as well.

Let's hope. I've been to all the Philly shows (except '76) and he always sells out.

PS If anyone has heard anything, please let me know. thanks


left hand man:I want more changes, I don't want him to play it safe, I want him to really go for it, a setlist like this...

Juniors Farm
Getting Closer
Hi Hi Hi
I've Had Enough
Listen To What The Man Said
Rockestra Theme
House Of Wax
That Was Me
This Never Happened Before
Too Much Rain
Promise To You Girl
See Your Sunshine
Somebody Who cares
Friends To Go
One Of These Days
The Mess
Big Barn Bed
Take It Away
No More Lonely Nights
Cafe On The Left Bank
What It Is

For Harrison Tribute - For You Blue
Lennon Tribute - Revolution - If McCartney performed this scorching rocker, the roof would absolutely come off the place!

Seems to me many people don't want McCartney to stretch out enough!

Left Hand Man,
I'm with you all the way but as others have said...i'ts not going to happen. I agree with you that Paul is far, far too conservative with his setlist and has unfortunately done his Solo career a real disservice.

One solo song I would love to hear that you didn't mention is:

Young Boy

Can you imagine how good this would sound especially towards the end as the song builds to its crescendo.


Enjoyed a lot of the dialogue here. I will always be a huge Macca fan whatever he plays. He's still # 1 in my book but I too wished he would play more of his Solo (Tug of War and beyond) material. I don't get upset over it because I realize he is playing to the "masses" and they come to his shows to hear Beatle songs and his Wings' era hits. It is a huge shame in my opinion because I think (like so many of us on this thread) so much of his solo stuff is criminally underrated.

I just think that he could have had both...Beatles/Wings and Solo in his setlist and the casual fans would still walk away with even more respect.
I can only imagine how great "Young Boy" would sound live. It is a great rocking song that would go down well in either a stadium or arena. I get his need to play his awesome Beatle songs (and Wings hits) but on each tour all he would have to do is play 4 or 5 songs from his various Solo albums like Tug of War, Flowers in the Dirt, Off the Ground, Flaming Pie, Chaos, Driving Rain etc. He's also got some great Wing songs from Back to the Egg that he hasn't played over the last 30 plus years. When he is playing 36 or so songs, therer is no reason he can't sprinkle in 5 songs from so many great choices. He has so many great p0p/rock songs from all eras that deserve to be heard. Songs like Ever Present Past, Put It There, This one, etc. would go down so well in my opinion. These are classic McCartney Pop.

Another pet peave....I also don't understand why classics like Mull of Kintye or Hope of Deliverence should only be played in certain Countries. Both songs are fantastic and would go down equally well in the U.S. Just wished Paul had more confidence in his "complete Catalog" and stop listening to the Marketing people. Paul is so special because of his complete body of work. I remember when Bob Dylan was so complementary about Paul and the fact that his songwriting prowess (especially his melodies) just keeps going. Mr. Dylan was not just talking about his Beatle songs. I just think that Paul has wasted so many of his past tours not mixing in 4 or 5 Solo songs. He would still have room for many Beatle songs. Believe me, no one would walk out the venue disappointed hearing the best of Paul's Solo songs. In fact, the casual fan would walk out saying...I don't remember or vaguely remember that one but I really liked it.

Hopefully, we may have at least a couple of Solo surprises when he hits the US portion of the tour but sadly I'm not counting on it. At least he did shake up the Setlist with new Beatle and Wings songs and I am looking forward to the Fenway show.


Love the selections. Wouldn't be cool if after the OUT THERE tour Paul could do a special show with just Post Beatles Songs. Maybe he could do several shows over a couple of weeks and then put out a DVD featuring the best recordings. By the way, one song that I didn't see listed but would love to hear live is "Young Boy".


Bruce M.:Okay, can we get serious here? It wouldn't take too many changes to the current setlist to simultaneously please the masses and throw us hardcore fans a few bones. Here's the set list from Paul's opening show in Brazil last week, with a handful of changes that would, I think, set folks on this board aflutter. Changed items in boldface:

Eight Days A Week
? Junior's Farm
? All My Loving
? Listen To What The Man Said
? I've Had Enough
? Paperback Writer
? My Valentine
? Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five
? The Long And Winding Road
? Maybe I'm Amazed
? Hope Of Deliverance
? We Can Work It Out
? Another Day
? Put It There
? Blackbird
? Here Today
? Your Mother Should Know
? Lady Madonna
? All Together Now
? Mrs Vandebilt
? That Was Me
? Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!
? All Things Must Pass
? Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
? Band on the Run
? Hi, Hi, Hi
? Back in the U.S.S.R.
? Let It Be
? Live And Let Die
? Hey Jude

? So Glad to See You Here
? Lovely Rita
? Get Back

Second Encore:
? Yesterday
? Helter Skelter
? Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight / The EndI've

Bruce, Love your choices and couldn't agree with you more. I wrote a similar post where I mentioned that Paul has wasted (in my opinion) a golden opportunity over the last 10 - 15 years to showcase great songs from his Solo/Wings Career by just adding 5 Post Beatle songs during each tour. In this way the "Beatles only" crowd and the hardcore fans would have been well satisfied. It just seems to me that Paul continues to listen to "marketing experts" instead of showing people how great his "total catalog" is.

I am going to the Boston show and I will be very disappointed if I see the Setlist from Orlando tonight and he drops both Mull of Kintyre and Hope of Deliverence. Just another thing I don't understand. A great song is a great song. There is no reason that those 2 songs should be dropped because he is playing in the US. That is ridiculous. I've been to about 8 Macca shows and I have never heard either song live and I really have my hopes up. Both songs sound great on U-tube.

Another thing I would like to point out and I know this is heresy but I'll say it anyway. Like many others here, Maybe I'm Amazed is one of my all-time favorite songs. The current problem in my opinion is that Paul can no longer sing it anywhere close to the way he used to. I would much rather hear Paul do another song (preferably Post Beatle) that he either can sing better or he can take advantage of his band's harmony skills. I remember a few years back when they did "Please, Please Me". The harmonies sounded great and at the same time he added something new to the setlist. Again a great song is a great song but Paul needs to realize (or someone needs to tell him) that he doesn't have the vocals to sing certain classics anymore. There are so many songs that he can choose from where he and the band can still do a very good job. I have been a Paul fan for very close to 50 years. To hear Paul try to sing Maybe I'm Amazed now reminds me of watching Willie Mays try to play baseball with the Mets when he should have retired from the Giants. It was sad to see him try to play considering that Willie was the best player I had ever seen in his prime. Music fortunately is different. Paul can still give a great live show even in his early 70's but in my opinion he needs to be selective in what he puts in the Setlist. Surely it is hard to drop a song like Maybe I'm Amazed but in cases like this, it needs to be done. On the other side it can be an opportunity to showcase another good song that would be so cool to rejuvinate. Just my opinion.


Kimsey:Actually I want both HOD and I've Just Seen A Face.

Agree with Kimsey and Yes, HOD should be played in my opinion at every show.

I would want to hear any of Paul's great Solo songs (like HOD) in this current tour and I believe 99% of the true Paul fans would agree. Also I'm in favor of keeping "I've Just Seen a Face" in the current setlist because Paul just started playing it over the last couple of years. Conversely, a song like Lady Madonna has been played in every tour since the late 80's.

I just don't understand why a great song like HOD or Mull of Kintyre are "designated" for certain countries. Paul and the band play both HOD and Mull so brilliantly. Why keep them out of a setlist when he is in the US when he continues to play "Let Me Roll It" or Mrs. Vanderbilt tour after tour. I was happy when he played the latter songs originallly but after a tour or two, replace them with other great songs. I understand he has to play songs like Hey Jude, Let It Be, Blackbird at every show but it is the non-signature songs that he can certainly rotate. Actually, I consider Mull to be a signature song but Macca continues to avoid it because the US radio stations way back in the late 70's didn't play it. It is now close to 40 years later. A great song is a great song. Just because it was missed at the time doesn't mean that people today wouldn't love it.


For those of you that are on a tight budget, do what I did today and buy the newly remastered 2CD Windows Over America for just $14.99. As mentioned, this Best Buy edition even throws in the 3rd CD live Cow Palace performance (featuring several of the songs) that is part of the Deluxe Edition.

I heard Side one in the car today plus the 1st 2 songs from Side 2 and it sounds fantastic. Every track sounded so good to my ears. Can't wait to hear the rest of Side 2. This is a remaster job that is so much better than the original and definitely worth the price. At $14.99, you can't get a better value.

It will be interesting to see how well Wings Over America (CD edition) sells. If word gets out about how good a live performance this is, the sales could be quite impressive especially for a remastered original. Hopefully a whole new generation of people born after 1976 will get into it. Wings Over America is easily one of the best "Live Rock/Pop Albums" of all time.


Not surprising that John Denver was at one of the shows. John was a huge Macca fan. Before John got big, he had covered several Paul songs on a couple of his very early albums. I remember he had covered a couple of the songs from Paul's first album (McCartney). I'm almost sure he covered Junk and maybe Every Night. On another early Denver album I believe he covered Let It Be and Mother's Nature Son. Someone might be able to confirm these covers.

I believe that by the time Paul and Band made their Wings Over America Tour, John Denver had made it big in America. No surprise that Denny would ad lib his name if they knew John was in the audience. None the less, a very good ad lib by Denny. I do like Denny's singing on the song as well as his singing on Go Now. When Paul joins him, they sound really good together as well.


Forgot to mention, this is a great thread. I also wondered the same thing about Richard Cory being used when Macca had so many other songs he could have done. I like it anyway for its surprise element and as I said, I think they do a very good job on the song.


Really enjoying the remastered Wings Over America CD in my car. A couple of early things that stand out for me so far:

1) yes, Spirits of Ancient Egypt is a real standout. Never got into this song before but now I am

2) Love all of Side one

2) My Love - Obviously, a big hit single for Paul and a song that Paul has played countless times on his later tours. My Love is a great Pop song that unfortunately has a double edge sword for Paul much like Let Em In and Silly Love Songs. Rock critics tend to blast them as lightweight and they put Paul in a Schlocky light compared to John and other great rock artists. I disagree with them as I think it shows Paul's great versatilitybut I have to admit I was much more anxious to hear the other songs on WOA. After hearing My Love a few times, my opinion has totally changed. This version is by far Paul's best, including the studio cut on Red Rose Speedway. Instead of smaltz, he turns My Love into a bluesy, soulful treat. I love the part where Jimmy is starting to finish up the guitar solo and Paul jumps in at just at the right moment and does his "whoa" thing. The ending also is classic Macca bluesy vocals. Actually, his vocals throughtout My Love are teriffic. When I first got into music and the Bealtles, it was Paul who, for me, made the ballad "cool". I'm thinking of songs like "And I Love You, PS I Love You and I'll Follow the Sun". He does the same thing here with My Love. Anywone else feel the same about this My Love version.