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all turned over & waiting for next year


How sweet Claudia! I love puppies! Aren't they cute? Today is my Lucy's GOTCHA DAY! We don't know her real birthday so we celebrate the day we got her...thus gotcha day! Today we have had this sweetheart for 3 years. She was previously an abused hunting dog & for the last 3 years I hope she's had the best time of her life here! We took her for a longwalk/run at a new park today.



audi:And -- although we kept it low-pro at first -- Paul did sign my butt after the Nashville gig.

We were drunk.

OMG...Audi, you crack me up!


You find a tender moment between an idol and his fan to be ... crack-up-able?

I'm so hurt.

Crack up? He signed what? Were you the maytag guy with the crack?


BarbB:And another thing..I don't see guys holding up the sign asking for a tattoo at these shows either.

There have been guys onstage to sing with him (twin voice in Mexico) & another younger boy dancing...where was that? I just saw a utube & someone wanted to play the drums in SoAmerica.


^ prolly safe to say that we ALL want to be near him(onstage) or at least listen to him & his music more & more.


^ to make you feel better when you are low.
to love you when you are going thru chemo & have no hair. (not me)
to give you kisses
to make you feel needed
to give you unconditional love

try one...you'll love it!


Now THAT would be cool!


Furlow47:LOL - I love the turn this thread has taken. Mechanical arms, jet packs...all grand ideas for the next leg of the tour!

ok...now....I need some clarification:

mechanical arms & jet packs...would that be for him or us :

That way we all could fly up on the frickin stage & storm him!!!


rich n:

FlowersInTheGround:LOL @ these weird cover versions!

No More Lonely Nights:

For No-One:

Yesterday and something else:

Help! / Crying (Aerosmith):

Imagine / Play The Game (Queen):

Something / I Believe In Love (Dixie Chicks):

LOL - I just commented on his versions of No More Lonely Nights and For No One (my screen name is albacized on YouTube)

Edit***I just added another comment to Imagine/Play the Game

funny comments...terrible covers!


Kathryn O:

aakiboh:Paul McCartney: Rap Star?

Check out his skills at 2:50

I hate rap. It makes me feel like shooting someone. I'm glad Paul didn't go that way. (some say JOhn might have too. the thought makes me cringe)

I agree with Paul that it's all just bragging about yourself, which is why I hate it but in defense of rap, one of my ex-coworkers who loved it said that's what everyone who doesn't really listen to it says about it.

Thank God he didn't go that way! LOL!!! Seriously. The beat is the same for almost every song...over & over & over & over & over again. I REALLY HATE it when the car next to you at the red light has it blaring in his car & all you can hear is the bass...OMG...THAT makes me wanna SLAP someone! It's just terrible.