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Here we go! The first official announcement of the new tour, via Facebook:


KingMacca:March 20th!!!

The tour was indeed announced today, March 20th!




WixRocks!:Beatlefan just reported very specific cities rumored for a US Tour(s) throughout May, June and, July. I say tours, because I can't imagine him doing all these at one time between May 9th and June 22nd with Bonnaroo in between.

-Orlando, FL
-Indinapolis, IN
-Austin, TX
-Tulsa, OK
-Washington, DC
-New York City, NY
-Boston, MA
-Las Cruces, NM
-Milwaukee, WI
-Seattle, WA
-San Francisco, CA

San Francisco has been mentioned here before. Perhaps it's that festival in August? There may be a late spring US leg with cities down the east coast leading to Bonnaroo. Then, there may be the cities in the Midwest/Southwest that will lead up to San Francisco Festival? That part is just my speculation.

I just hope if anything turns out to be true, that the dates work. Graduation Day is May 31st and there are LOTS of busy and booked dates around that time for yours truly...

Sorry where did these dates get reported? I am intrigued by that Seattle date.

Same here. I've heard rumors about the New Mexico and San Francisco shows, but nothing about the other ones.


Henderson7:A 5-10 second ad just ran during the Lakers-Clippers, all it was was the Out there ad as seen on the 95.7 website:


But it had a voice that said is there anybody out there, after listening a few times it does sound like Macca but first listen it sounded like Roger Waters.

Hoping it pops up on YouTube.

You mean something like this?




WixRocks!:Hopefully everything remaining is announced tomorrow...it sounds like it will be at least. And hopefully NYC is in that bunch, so then I'll know for Pre-sales on Tuesday what to go after.

It would be nice to get them all t0morrow, but I'm not holding my breath, since the pattern seems to be having the city first do the a tease about the "big concert announcement" that is coming. I don't think NY or Milwaukee or Indy or Orlando (all cities on that original list) have had "anybody out there??" teases yet... but who knows any more. :

I feel ya. I love Paul and everything, but the way he announces tour dates is maddening!


year40:Don't forget Minneapolis, which was scrubbed in 2011 and then passed over (literally, en route from St Louis to Vancouver and Edmonton) in 2012.

Star-Tribune: He said hello, now he says goodbye.

It turns out that former Beatle Paul McCartney is not going to play Target Field after all in what would have been the two-season-old baseball stadium's first concert on Sept. 1.

"There will be no Paul McCartney show at Target Field in '11," Twins President Dave St. Peter said Friday afternoon in a tweet. "Scheduling challenges for Sir Paul. Still hoping to bring concert to TF soon."

On Monday, a major concert-tracking website broke the news that the "cute" Beatle was bringing his "On the Run" tour to Minneapolis. The tour is scheduled to open July 15-16 at Yankee Stadium and visit other major league venues as well."

And let's not forget Horsens, either...


thenightfish:Maybe! Fits the "big announcement" pattern. Maybe we will get all the rest of the announcements at once!

One can hope!