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Wednesday, June 8, 1988

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Fun facts: 

Fell in love at age of 15 of a 22 year-old man, that was actually 61 that year ( 2003, and yeah it's Paul of course). Always found that funny though.

Met my husband because of the Beatles. Long Story Short, we've seen the same band on 2003, and kept following them but separate ways because we didn't know each other (heck we lived 400km away from each other). On 2006, Moved to his city, and met him on 2011, while he was trying to find a female voice for his Beatle Band that could sing McCartneys harmonies. In only one month we fell in love. Been playing together at RAM since 2013 and in Random  since 2014. Got Married in 2016, and our Honeymoon trip was to London and Liverpool. Being at the Cavern Jimmy Coburn lend his guitar to him, and invited both of us to sing a song at the front stage.

Fun Fact? in 2009 (two years before i met him) he appeared just behind me in one photo I took, on that 2003 band gig. I founded out in 2012. Cool right?


Beatle and Queen Fan. 

Singer, percussionist and keyboardist on two proyects: RAM an acoustic duette/trio that plays The Beatles with all their hearts (will be playing at 2018 International Beatleweek), and Random, a band that plays 50s, 60s, and 70s Rock, and Argentinean Rock for the same decades (and with their hearts too).

Studying to be a music teacher

Love to draw, and dance, and read/watch manga/anime, and epic sagas and series and... Hell yeah I'm a nerd!


"And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make" -  Thank you for the music.