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Essay on "October"


Autumn has come. It came after a hot summer, and nature immediately began to prepare for a long winter sleep. But if in September only yellowing leaves on trees and ripe crops in gardens informed us about the coming changes, then at the beginning of October autumn has fully come into its own. You can use https://payforessay.pro/ for inspiration.



The thick crowns began to fade, and with each passing day more and more leaves began to twirl in the air and fewer and fewer remained on the trees. Soon the lawns of the parks were carpeted in color, and the street cleaners were hard at work in the morning with their brooms, clearing the streets and shoveling the leaves into lush piles. I prefer essays for sale https://payforessay.pro/essay-for-sale/  website to avoid bad quality .



But there were so many leaves that neither the janitors, nor the people who regularly went out on the subbotniks, nor even the big garbage trucks were able to cope with them. All the same, autumn was everywhere in the city.


It reminded of its presence not only with piles of colorful leaves, but also with heavy rains and hurricane force winds. Toward the middle of October the sun stopped coming out of the clouds. The sky seemed gray and heavy, ready to collapse on people's shoulders. Friend, choose https://payforessay.pro/buy-assignment/ to make your homework great.



The rains did not stop for days and nights, trembling with cold and wind, the trees startledly knocked on our windows with their black, almost naked branches. The frozen poplars and birches seemed to want so much that people would shelter them, warm them up, allowing them to bloom and turn green again.


But by the end of the month, nature had finally come to terms with the impending arrival of winter. The trees no longer trembled, but stood upright and proud along the roads, washed by the thick streams of water that flowed from them into the blackened, dead earth. It was even colder outside now, and at times in the morning the puddles began to be covered with a thin crust of ice, and white snowflakes flashed in the air among the clear drops. So imperceptibly after October, November came, bringing with it real frosts.


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