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Which Emotional Support Animals Are Not Allowed On Flight?- 2021 Guides

In case of a dog, to live and travel with an ESA dog, you just need an emotional support dog certification to travel with him. The certification is the official ESA letter that you need to certify your animal as an ESA and live and travel with it easily and peacefully. Emotional support animals are considered quite beneficial when dealing with emotional and mental disabilities. These animals are known for providing emotional support to people who are suffering from emotional limitations and the person can get it with an ESA. Though the concept of emotional support animals is still quite new, people are still sceptical about it.

Still, some animals are not allowed to travel by air and this is because these animals could not be domesticated properly. Below are some of the animals that are listed on the no-fly list.

Cold-blooded animals like snakes, alligators, lizards, crocodiles and reptiles are dog food brands cold-blooded animals. These animals are generally dangerous and will be a bother for the people around. This is why people who are having such animals as ESAs are not allowed to travel with them.

Though with an emotional support letter, they will be able to find suitable accommodation and permission to live with them, they will not be allowed to air travel with their animal.

Peacocks are lovely birds and impressed by their beauty, many people get creative and choose them as their emotional support animals. However, peacocks could not be caged or controlled as other birds and could not be disciplined. Same goes for other exotic birds also.

This is why you are not allowed to travel with birds in planes.

Insects like spiders and other dangerous insects offer a great support to people. But, despite their ‘helpful’ nature, you will not be able to air travel with your insect. These insects could be really dangerous and your friendly spider may not be that friendly for other passengers.

Though to live with your insect, you only need a best dry dog food to bring it home but it may not be enough to travel with it. This is why it is suggested that you choose an ESA wisely that you may not have to give up or leave behind.

Rodents like mice and squirrels may make a great emotional support animal for you. But, this does not mean that you can travel with them in airplanes. Mice and squirrels are famous support animals and people love getting these lovelies for themselves. However, unlike cats and dogs, rodents could not be disciplined.

Do you think that you could catch and keep a squirrel in the cage? We both know that this is not calico cat possible.  Same goes for mice also. These animals are created to live independently and this is why, it is impossible to discipline and domesticate them.

Seeing any of these animals as an emotional support animal is quite a rare sight but something that is not entirely impossible. These animals are difficult to domesticate and this is why these animals are not allowed on airplanes.

ESAs are more than pets and they are here to serve a purpose and help the people in need. Moreover, with these animals, you will not need to pay any extra money to live and travel with them. All you need is a valid ESA letter for housing to live with your emotional support animal. This does not mean that you could not travel with your ESA. Animals like healthiest dog breeds are allowed to travel in the plane with you, provided they could fit under your seat and they are well disciplined and vaccinated.