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Thursday, July 26, 1951

Fun facts

Fun facts: 

Fun facts....   All is fun if you let it.  My facts relating to Paul is that I'm one of original screaming Beatlemanics, and proud of it.  Although my screaming has dimenshed, there is at some concerts that I turn into my original self....I just cannot help it. Case in point at the Piedmont Park Concert Atlanta GA 2009 when Paul started singing "I'm Down", well I was fifteen again, and at that point in life I had been screaming since I was twelve in 1964.  I saw The Beatles 8-21-66 at Crosley Field, Cincinnati Ohio.  We were rained out on 8-20-66, but luck was on our side and the concert was scheduled for the next day.  That was the best day of my life.  Yes, I did scream and YES, I did hear them sing, indeed when I QUIT SCREAMING.  My Mom found out where The Beatles were flying in on a Friday night and we went to the airport. Such a wonderful experience thanks to Mom.  The rest is history and I'm still rockin' to Macca and always will !!!!   Hey Paul, if you read this, how about "FREE MASSAGE" from the Cincy gals, me and Barb Tyler !!!!   


My loving family, travel, music music music!!!!


THE BEATLES Cincy OH Airport/CROSLEY FIELD 8.20 & 21 1966,WINGS Cincy5.27.76, Cincy OH2.12.90,5.5.93,7.10.16Cleveland 7.20.90 Philly 7.14&15.90 Chicago 7.29.90 NYC UpClose12.13.92NYC Standing Stone11.17.97OPRAH nov 1997,CONCERT FOR LINDA4.10.99,WORKING CLASSICAL11.3.06, 4X Driving Rain tour,Piedmont Park Atlanta Ga 8.15.09, Nashville TN 7.26.10,Wrigley Field Chicago 7.31.11 8.1.11,Yum Center,Louisville10.28.14.Lollapalooza Chicago 7.31.15,Cincinnati,OH7.10.16,Tampa FL7.10.17 plus more to be remembered.