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Fun facts: 

On July 19, 2016 at Hershey Park PA, one sweet dream came true. I met Paul McCartney. I have loved that man since the age of 12. I never imagined that I would one day get to meet him. It's a moment I have relived in my mind EVERY day since it happened. It still seems unreal. 


Lexington 4/90 *Charlotte 7/10 *Pittsburgh 8/10 *Cincinnati 8/4/11 *Washington DC 7/12/13 *Fargo 7/12/14 *Greensboro 10/30/14 *Charlottesville 6/23/15 *Columbia 6/25/15 *Columbus 10/13/15 *Cincinnati 7/10/16 *Hershey 7/19/2016- MET PAUL! *Duluth 7/13/17  *Lexington 6/1/19 * Winston Salem 5/21/22