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If, after the 3rd and final warning, the member persists in offending, then a temporary suspension of 14 days will follow. Prior notice of this suspension will not be issued to the member. If, during the suspension period, a banned member tries to re-register, then that member will be subjected to a permanent ban. Once the 14 day temporary suspension has expired the member will be allowed to return with the following proviso: if that member re-offends they will receive one further warning only. If, after that, the member re-offends, a permanent ban will be placed on this member, again without notice. No warnings or bans are issued lightly. Any obvious trouble or disruption caused by a member after receipt of a warning will lead to a further warning being issued immediately. Any member looking to cause trouble or disruption in respect of another member's warning or ban will also receive a warning. Occasionally, permanent bans may be issued immediately to members who show total disregard for the rules and well-being of the forums. This action will be at the discretion of the Administrators. Temporary and permanent bans are issued by an Administrator after due consideration of the offence and the Administrator?s decision is final. Any Board Related Problems For any board related problems that you may be experiencing, please click here.