wanna say "hi" from a long time fan of Paul.shey can someone help on "old fogey" out/wanna take my son(many times allready) and my grandson(his first time) to see paul at the barclays center on june 8th.i see that many of the "sites" offering tickets at anywhere from 177(for 69 dollat tix) to numbers that are astronomical.being on a limited budget where can i get 5 at close to cost.I'd really like to have Nick be able to say"i saw Paul"thanks for any info you can part with

Hi, Nice to see you posting! Details for the New York pre-sale may be found here: Please note:

Registered fans of will have the opportunity to buy pre-sale tickets for the show from 9am (local time) on Friday 19th April directly from the website. Fans will need to be registered by 6am (EST) on Friday 19th April. Fans who are not currently signed up to the mailing list can do so by clicking HERE:

To participate in the pre-sale, you will be asked to log in at the main site using your registered e-mail. Hope this helps. Good luck!