Had a lovely time in Liverpool with my little boy on Paul's birthday - he held a banner at many Pauls sites saying happy 80th, some bloke said "is that how old he is, wow" (you feel like saying "no, i always hold a happy 80th Paul when really he's 66" sign outside his old house!!! i didn't say that of course, i'm too polite!)

Link to some pics are in the kids thread in the talkmoretalk forum, but yes - i found it hard to take in that he's 80. Sat in the beatles story cafe they were playing Paul songs (they normally just play beatles) and it reminded me of when George died and we went to sign the tribute book there and they were playing George songs, i felt really sad for a few monutes of what the future will eventually bring... but then my little boy waved his sign around and people congratulated him on bringing it, so i snapped out of it!

Paul is 80 - a huge reason to celebrate, as it means he's still here!!! I love him so so so so so so so much. He's the man of my life ❤