Uli wrote:

As a child and youth I didn´t know any other lefthander. I was forced to write with my right hand, started stuttering and cried on my first school day. I felt a little like a freak. In 1964 I was in Liverpool in the Cavern Club with some classmates. When we went in a band played "You really got me", I heard and felt the bass like I never experienced before. Back in Germany we founded a band. I became the bass player on the 3 deeper guitar strings. My main problem was I couldn't keep the rhythm hitting the strings with my right hand. The guitar player said: "Change the strings and play like McCartney": I didn't notice before that Paul held and played his bass mirrored. He was the first lefthander I saw! Since then I play left hand bass and lost stuttering.

Thank You, Paul!!

Your story touches me very much. 
Paul McCartney brings so much through his music that I think there are never enough words to thank him. 
I know what I'm talking about 😉
Have a good evening 🙂

Little Willow