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Since this is the first show on the proper "Egypt Station/Freshen Up" Tour, here's what I'm hoping to see:

*I Don't Know - during one of the piano sets...I love the song and would like to see how well he can do it live.  Maybe his vocal could even surpass the studio version

*Come On To Me - as someone else said, this is a "given" in the set.  Relatively speaking (we're in 2018!)  it has done quite well on the Adult Contemporary Chart...up to #6.

*Happy With You - during one of the acoustic sets...Another one I love and it sounds like a song that could have been on Paul's first Solo album "McCartney".  Vocally, Paul does it real well on the album in my opinion.

*Who Cares - this is a must and probably my favorite song on ES.  It rocks and Paul and Band have plenty of room to do a slightly longer version live.

*People Want Peace - I love the album version and I think it would go down really well "live".  A song that  Paul could   get the crowd singing a la "Give Peace a Chance"

*Dominoes - Another one of my top favorites on ES and again, one that is just begging for a live performance from Paul and his band

*Do It Now - Another new "piano" song that Paul can add to the "Freshen Up" tour.  Like "People Want Peace" Paul can get the crowd singing with him.

That's 7 songs and notice I didn't include "Fuh You" which I'm pretty sure he will do so that would be a total of 8 songs.

Hopefully he will do at least 8 ES songs!

While I like your optimism, and I enjoy most of the songs you mention, I dont think people will be singng "People Want Peace" like they would Give Peace a Chance.   Sadly, I think more people will have blank stares, orwilll be headed to the bathroom.  I always fnd it funny that "fans" of performers like Paul and his contemporaries will pay $150-$2,000 for a ticket, but wont invest $12 on a CD to hear their new music.

Unfortunately, you are right with many fans.  I'm still hoping for 8 songs but I have a feeling based on the "surprise" pre-album publicity shows that it will be more like 3 or 4.   The fact that ES has had so much success...both critically and now sales wise, Paul might surprise us and play 7 or 8.  I wonder if Paul/Band have rehearsed enough of the new songs to do that many.

I doubt they have rehearsed 7 or 8. I think he has played at least 4 songs from this album live so far. They are "Come On To Me", "Confidante", "Fuh You" and "Who Cares". I don't think it would take much effort to rehearse "I Don't Know" since it is basically just McCartney on piano. That is the top 5 after that it would just be unexpected bonus IMO. I truly hope he surprises me and at least talks a little bit about these songs before playing them. My other wish is that he is a little cocky and brags a bit about Egypt Station being #1. Finally, like I said in another post I hope the commercial success has finally put it into his head that he is a pretty darn good solo artist and not just an ex-Beatle.

As far as some people going for bathroom breaks, blank stares etc. I always thought that it shouldn't be a factor at all for an artist like Paul.  I'm know Yankeefan agrees wholeheartedly.  I've always thought that Paul was too concerned with crowd reaction.  The primary concern for Paul would be all the U-tube hits he would receive from all around the world the next day.  That would be my motivation if I were Paul.  People who are seeing Paul later on the tour would see it and the excitement level for the new songs will build as the tour progresses.  Plus the U-tube hits will sell more potential albums for people not attending.

Relative to tonight's setlist, the big talk on the other Quebec City thread is Paul adding a "brass section"for this tour.  That alone might bring additional songs (Beatles, Wings, Solo) that he has avoided or has never/rarely played before.  As one fan mentioned on that thread, could this be the year that Paul brings back Silly Love Songs.  Someone else mentioned a Beatles' song like Martha My Dear that has never been played.

Anyway this show is bringing more Setlist speculation than we have had in several years.  And we have a number 1 album to boot.  Hopefully, we will also have Egypt Station surprises too.  On top of the ES songs that Yankeefan mentioned, I would love to hear Dominoes and /or  Happy With You.  Both songs would be relatively easy to do if Paul did any prior rehearsing with the Band.  Fingers crossed and can't wait to see the video for Who Cares tomorrow morning.